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Wheelnuts can come off due to different circumstances, this is now avoidable with the Safetytrim. With one simple solution U enhance the safety for operator and passerby, lower the cost of reparations and reduce the downtime on vehicles.

The vision of the team behind Safetytrim: We want to help the fleet managers detect loose wheelnuts and avoid wheels coming loose in general with the patented Safetytrim system.

The patented Safetytrim system is an improvement compared with the wheelnut systems currently on the market. The product doesn’t only give a visual indication when the nut comes loose but it also stops the nut from moving further, this way the nut can’t come off and so the wheel can’t come loose.

How Safetytrim works

The Safetytrim has a cover-up for the wheelnuts, this cover up fits perfectly around the wheelnut. Because of this the wheelnut and the safetytrim system become one. When the wheelnut starts to come loose the Safetytrim system allows it to rotate 1/6 of a rotation and the blocks it using a lip inside the system, resulting in a wheelnut that cant rotate any further and a visual marker appearing. Because of this the operator can react quickly and re-torque his wheelnuts before it comes loose.

Safetytrim Safe - Unsafe

Advantages of using the Safetytrim system

- Avoid the loss of a wheel
- Prevent damage and/or injury to passerbys
- Reduce laborcosts by preventing wheelnut failure
- Reduce the time a vehicle is in repair, also reducing the cost of spare parts
- The system offers protection against weather and road damage
- The safetytrim is easy to use resulting in easy installation and removal, especially with the special clamp.

What does the Safetytrim consist of?

The safetytrim is made using nylon 6-6 synthetic fibers, this material is commonly used in the industry. It’s a very strong material and resistant against heat and friction. By using this material the safetytrim becomes strong and durable, an ideal combination for its job.

How do I prevent loose wheelnuts?

U can prevent loose wheelnuts using a couple solutions
1. Don’t torque the wheelnut to tight at installation, it causes the wheelnut to bend losing its grip
2. Don’t under torque the wheelnut at installation, otherwise it can vibrate and shake loose
3. Don’t brake hard or unnecessary, it can heat up the wheelnut resulting in the loss of grip
4. Only use the wheelnut a couple of times at installation, old nuts lose their grip fast

How do I install / remove the Safetytrim?

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Which sizes are available?

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